Empowering through pictures

   Beautiful. Powerful. Tender. Witty. Creative. 

Show the world who you really are.
The New York Times says “Glamour Photos Replace Selfies for Personal Branding” 
An iconic portrait is shown to lead to better jobs, better dates, better deals. 
“I love being a rock star in my own life” says one client.
A portrait work by artist Ana Cissa Pinto will supercharge your digital presence. 
You’re going to love the very special experience of this photo-shoot.
“Her work is stylish, extraordinary. And so is she!”





In an era when a social media photo is the first impression you make to the world

it is essential to find in your image an impeccable rendition of your best self.




I held a moment in my hand, brilliant as a star, fragile as a flower. A tiny sliver of one hour. That precious moment will be kept forever.



People come and people go. The best stay in your heart forever.



The power of doing and being together: in laughter, in love, at work, at play or on a mission - teammates, soulmates. Ana will capture these magic bonds for you to use in social media, on a album cover, in a beautiful frame, for your corporate home pageor just for you to keep the memory alive.



Capturing the wonder of a new life that is growing inside 


Pregnancy brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty. It is a period of immense joy coupled with excitement. How amazing is that brief moment when life is growing inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time!






The Essential


The Experience: 2 fully packed hours as the sole focus of Ana’s lens. She’ll take 100-200 shots of you in 

two or three of your own signature outfits and she’ll make sure you look absolutely terrific.

What you get: 6 beautiful, lovingly edited, high-resolution Portrait Works delivered to you electronically. 


The Exclusive


The Experience: 3 stylish hours of Ana’s photography. It’s just focused on who you want to be.  She’ll 

take 200-350 shots in two or three of your own favorite outfits, so there’ll be plenty of

wonderful images to choose from. 

What you get: 10 carefully selected, stunning, high-resolution, exquisitely edited Portrait Works delivered 

to you electronically.  Social Media ready, your new images will make people sit up and beg!


The Crème de la Crème


The Experience: You’ll enjoy an in-depth, in-person creative meeting with Ana to brainstorm the concepts

that will make your very own Portrait Works so special. Together you will plan just how you want the world 

to see you: the emotion, the elegance, the setting, the color palette, the styling.

At the shoot, for 5 fabulous hours, Ana will craft your story, creating your own artistic,

elegant and expressive images. You’ll be pampered by hair, make up and styling professionals who will

be on hand to make you look better than you ever dreamed possible.

And your shoot day will wrap up with champagne and caviar – or cupcakes, your choice!

What you get: 15 awesome, beautifully edited and finished Portrait Works delivered electronically.

These images will give your Online Presence a dramatic make-over!  

Plus you get 1 stunning Art Print up to 11”x 14” ready be framed and hung in your Boardroom or Bedroom!








245 Avenue C, suite 11D - New York - NY 10009

tel: 917-941.9677

email: ana@portraitsbyanacissa.com











With as much distance as you want, capturing candid moments and exquisitely
framed scenes, Ana can be your personal photographer as you travel the world.  Be 
present in the moment, relish your adventures, confident that they will be fully recorded without your having to carry heavy gear or be hiding behind your camera.
Ana will discretely capture your experience, as your family or group discover new 
wonders and enjoy your time with each other.  When you prefer privacy, Ana will 
wander, capturing the beauty around you, the grand vistas, the tiniest details, the sunsets, the sights. 
After the trip she will prepare your photo memories – in digital or printed form  - so you can relive your experiences again and again.


Your online identity can help or hurt you. 


Let's face it. For your online branding purposes a professional headshot is Key. Now your photos matter more than ever. They’re flying all over Cyperspace and landing on the screens of anyone you may (or want to) meet or do business with. Anyone and Everyone. So why not look amazing? Inspiring? Confident?



Ana Cissa Pinto - Portraitist


Ana creates strong, telling images – and always beautiful. As she grows to know her subject, she forms a clear vision of how each photograph will look. It is most important to her to understand just how the pictures will be used so she can design each image to suit its purpose. Working first with the camera, and then with her own carefully developed process of delicate refinements, she meticulously crafts each layer of a portrait, from key light to the texture of the setting, to make-up, to the color and style of the wardrobe. For Ana the perfection of each detail is critical to the portrait’s beauty.


So who is Ana?

Born in São Paulo, Ana grew up in a beautiful world surrounded by Brazilian artists and high society.  Her mother is a writer, her father and her older brother are both painters, and her younger brother is an actor. As a child she fell in love with an original Vermeer painting that hung in her uncle’s house. Ana’s move to New York led to formal design training at New York’s highly ranked Pratt Institute and then to work as a Designer and Creative Director for MTV, Nickelodeon, CSTV, VH1, and CBS. Ana’s passion is to create beautiful things. Her landscape, nature and travel photography have produced stunning images of casbahs in Morocco, castle hotels in Europe, exotic flora at the heart of the Amazon jungle and the wild creatures of the African savannah. But ultimately her love for people and their stories has directed her focus to creating exquisite photographic portraits.


Specifics of our client relationships are respected as completely confidential. The following are actual testimonials though they are not attributed.


“Ana’s magic is to catch the spirit and essence of her subject” 

“Her portraits are so beautiful - they look like they were lit by Vermeer or Hopper.”

“Her work is stylish, extraordinary.  And so is she!”

“She is excited by the little things that make a big difference - She has a great eye for texture. She is a magician”

“She has an amazing gift of altering life by holding it still.  Refined perception, cultured interpretation and brilliant execution.”

“Ana’s work is extraordinary, romantic and emotional - she creates a beautiful atmosphere”

“Her magic is that she catches the essence of the subject, capturing exactly the right moment - and her power is in the way she transforms a simple shot” 

“She has an aesthetic eye and knows just how the final image will look”

"Ana is alive and excited about little things that are beautiful.  They turn her on.”

“She has a great eye for texture - things that you don’t even think about”

"She makes you feel comfortable. She’s very efficient.  The black and white pictures were amazing.  One of her pictures is my favorite picture ever of me  - I was laughing!”