Specifics of our client relationships are respected as completely confidential. The following are actual testimonials though they are not attributed.


“Ana’s magic is to catch the spirit and essence of her subject” 

“Her portraits are so beautiful - they look like they were lit by Vermeer or Hopper.”

“Her work is stylish, extraordinary.  And so is she!”

“She is excited by the little things that make a big difference - She has a great eye for texture. She is a magician”

“She has an amazing gift of altering life by holding it still.  Refined perception, cultured interpretation and brilliant execution.”

“Ana’s work is extraordinary, romantic and emotional - she creates a beautiful atmosphere”

“Her magic is that she catches the essence of the subject, capturing exactly the right moment - and her power is in the way she transforms a simple shot” 

“She has an aesthetic eye and knows just how the final image will look”

"Ana is alive and excited about little things that are beautiful.  They turn her on.”

“She has a great eye for texture - things that you don’t even think about”

"She makes you feel comfortable. She’s very efficient.  The black and white pictures were amazing.  One of her pictures is my favorite picture ever of me  - I was laughing!”